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80% VG, 20% PG

50ml, Rich Wine & Ripe Berries

Captain’s log, this eighth day in September, his Lord’s year 1783. “Shipwreck ahead!” Cried young Edmund from the crows nest. Having been at sea seven months, morale was low. We had got wind of a dangerous beast in our midst and Edmund’s calls demanded a fearful silence from the crew. Hours passed until we finally we saw it.

A gargantuan Kraken had it’s tentacles wrapped around a ship. Writhing in tumultuous waters the beast crushed the vessel with it’s powerful grip, splinters the size of trees exploded into the sky above. We knew there would be valuable cargo floating in the water so we daringly made our move and tacked towards the beast. We got close, close enough to feel a disturbance beneath us.

Flying faster than a shot out a cannon, the crew recovered as many barrels as we could net, altered our course and left with great haste. To our delight the barrels contained a rare, delicious raspberry moonshine; sweet and intoxicating. We shall toast to our good fate this eve.
Flavour notes
This is one of our most unusual flavours. At first you taste the raspberries, lot's of raspberries on the inhale. Soon the wine develops, mixed amongst the berries, a little alcoholic fizziness in the background. Perfectly blended together for a sweet, distinct moonshine.
Across the label you can see a sprawling Kraken, tearing a boat to pieces, wood flying through the air and precious cargo floating in the giant waves. Inspired by a mythical shipwreck and a fearsome beast in a location which was famed for shipwrecks and danger.
Travelling notes
South Africa / Wild beautiful coastline / Deep blue oceans / Incredible scenery / BBQs / Biltong