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80% VG, 20% PG

50ml, Fresh Coconut & Sweet Fruit

A wild and treacherous storm had blown our ship off course and we were lost sailing on open ocean for days. Becalmed, our rations were running low and the crew were beginning to look at each other with ravenous glee. Days trailed by with all but the slightest of winds to guide our way until we saw land in the distance. Our luck had turned. It was paradise.

The little island was covered in trees bountiful with coconuts. We developed a recipe that harvested their delicious, refreshing flavour as a delicacy, safe in the knowledge that one day others would enjoy such a taste in the same way we did.
Flavour notes
Specimen 03 has fast become one of our most favoured flavours. On the inhale, a mixture of fresh fruits blended with a delicious, refreshing coconut milk on the exhale. No overpowering artificial sweetness, the coconut milk speaks for itself, it lingers and builds as you vape.
A luscious, paradise beach awaits you. Long grass, golden sand and tropical ferns represent the inspiration behind our Specimen 03. A remote island, plentiful with exotic fruits and coconuts.
Travelling notes
Thailand / Tropical beaches / Paradise / Clear blue seas / Boat trips / Snorkelling / Diving / Incredible fresh food / Sunshine and heat