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50% VG, 50% PG

50ml, Coffee Bean & Caramel

Flavour notes

Lightly roasted coffee beans blended with a smooth, sweet and sticky caramel. Any coffee lovers dream.


Sweat dripped from the alchemist’s furrowed brow. The sound of droplets splashing on the stone floor accented the crackling fire beneath his cauldron in the otherwise silent dungeon.

He had been at it for days. His store cupboard, stocked full of materials not one week prior, was almost empty for want of perfection. Parchment was strewn about his workbench; notes, diagrams and illegible, unintelligible ramblings scribbled across the lot. It was time for a break.

As he trooped wearily up the steps and into the scullery he glanced out the window. Sunlight was streaming in as a new day began to break and he sighed before going about the trivial task of preparing his morning coffee.

Standing there doing something he knew he couldn’t fail at; grinding coffee beans, he let the morning glow wash over his face and allowed himself a brief respite. He felt calm. Then..

BANG. His eyes snapped open. An enormous bird, one he could have sworn was extinct, had flown into the window, shattering the glass.

He looked down. There were coffee beans everywhere; even in some left over caramel cake he had been saving for when he finished his work.

As if admitting defeat he said, “Blast it”, to no one, and shoved the ruined cake into his mouth.

His pupils dilated. His fatigue evaporated. The flavours were all-consuming. He sprinted down to his dungeon and set to work.

Three hours later he emerged with a small vial held triumphantly between his fingers, its contents a pure golden hue.

He had done it. He had created the elixir of life.