Dodo is the culmination of three friends creativity, inspired by places that we visited together.

After travelling the world we had the idea to distill everything we experienced into a premium e-liquid that represented unusual flavours, intrepid stories and ultimately, craft. Each specimen is inspired by a place we visited, bottled up and made available to you. Hand-drawn with ink and paint, each flavour has it's own story and it's own origin.


Friends old and new, with a passion for travelling. That's how Dodo was born. Maurizio, Jonny and Matt, spent many months on the road, taking in the sights, sounds and smells. Inspired and refreshed, we decided to come back with a purpose, a business of our own which could allow us to be less dependent on the 9-5. We put our heads together and crafted the brand to coincide with our personal aspirations.  


Dec 2016


Our mantra at Dodo is to do less, better. We knew we could roll out twenty or thirty flavours, but we think keeping it simple and doing it right is the true way to make a successful product. With that in mind we started mixing. A lot of mixing. With over 250 blends, we boiled it down to five. Five flavours we can happily put our name to.

Next came the packaging. We wanted to do something different, to make the most of the unusual flavours we explored. We chose to draw each flavour's artwork by hand, inspired by a story that echoed our own. A story of travel, when the world wasn't fully explored, an era of fantastical creatures 'i.e the Dodo' from far-flung lands. Taking inspiration from explorers notes and drawings, we had our brand. Keep an eye out for co-ordinates on the bottles which locate the part of the world that inspired what you're tasting...


Dec 2017

Rolling Out

We launched our brand to the world at Vapefindr - London Vape Show in August 2017. Our hand-built stand along with shelves stocked full of 10ml Dodo's caught a few eyes. We had chance to reveal the story of the brand and how it all came together, as well as getting our juice tasted by all.

Our Wild Tobacco prototype sold out immediately, whilst Specimen 01-04 went down a storm. After 3 amazing days we came away with 2 awards, for 'Best Packaging' and 'Best Stand', a true testament to all the hard work we'd put in.  Since then we've gone from strength to strength, reaching far and wide, now available in hundreds of stores UK wide, even in Spain, Germany and France. It's still early days, and this is just the beginning of an epic journey, watch this space... 



With a seriously varied background from professional carpentry to UX design, Jonny turns his hand to anything and everything. From building our expo stands from scratch, to ensuring business runs like a well oiled machine, down to the last penny.



Our resident passionate Italian, with a background in Product Design, Maurizio drives business across Europe, ensuring more and more people know about Dodo and get the chance to stock us. Tirelessly expanding the company one step at a time.



A digital brand designer by trade, with a background in illustration and animation, Matt is the man behind the visual appearance of Dodo, spending countless hours drawing, designing, printing and ensuring Dodo continues to look as unique as it tastes.