Vape Dodo


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50% VG, 50% PG

50ml, Blackberries & Apple Mint

Flavour notes

Juicy fresh blackberries combined with a fragrant apple-infused mint leaf. A must for any menthol fan.


“Hark! She’s a necromancer!”, the crowd exclaimed.

But she wasn’t. Nor was she a sorceress, a witch, or any other kind of magical being. She was merely an extremely adept scientist, albeit a radical one. Unfortunately for her, the distinction is not a clear one.

Her crime? Forging a potion so delicious, so unbelievably invigorating, the townsfolk were convinced it was sorcery. With juicy fresh blackberries picked under three consecutive full moons and combined in such an elaborately precise manner with apple-infused mint leaves, her now-sacred ritual had alerted the public’s attention.

In an attempt to proclaim her innocence, the scientist detailed her ritual to those gathered at her public hearing.

She was burnt at the stake two days later.